Carved Plaster Entry
carved leaves and stalks
Waves Carved
Carved Heron
Carved leaves and Foilage
Carved leaves and orchids
Carved Palms and leaves
Carved Egret
Carved Travellers Palm
Carved plaster and clay
Clay Roses and Plaster vines
One of MANY clay roses
Carved plaster mural Tuscan room
Close up carved plaster mural
Carved Plaster leaves
Clay and Plaster roses
Carved Plaster Waves
Carved Plaster Waves & Mica
Carved Flowers in Plaster
Carved Plaster walls
Carved Plasters Tobacco Glazes
clay flowers plaster blocks
Carved White Plaster~ Tropics
Plaster carved leaves stalks
travellers palm carved
Bird carving
Random carved leaves
MyCollage_10 carved
carved piece within our art
Carved Travellers Palm

Carved in a giant 12 ft niche that emulated the same designs on the carved Tommy Bahama chest it was placed near