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From WALL to WOW!

When Meals on Wheels Needed a Mural ...We Delivered


The Story Behind the Flowers

The meaning of the mural comes from the Volunteers and supporters of the people being fed every day that are represented by Flowers growing from small to large in the mural.


The car is a vehicle of delivery for the volunteers. 


The wheels (actual hubcaps) are hand-painted like flower centers within the mural.  Wheels represent the constant movement that the organization does to deliver the meals EVERY day Funded by 100% DONATIONS and the store within the building.  


The Fruits of the Spirit are being delivered every day through the Volunteers and Staff ....Notice, there are 9 Fruits painted in the mural.  Each one represents living an Abundant life....All virtues that the Organization delivers while carrying the meals to peoples' homes: 

Love,  Joy,  Peace,   Patience,   Kindness,  Goodness,   Faithfulness , Gentleness  and  Self control.

Screen Shot 2022-01-16 at 6.04.55 PM.png

How we did it!

The process began with our desire to give back to our community. Then, with the inspiration of Teresa Desquin, Vice President of the Meals on Wheels board of directors in Port Charlotte, and Marketing Director Debbie Amaral, the wheels started turning. Literally.

From concept to execution, every step was meticulously planned. Read all about it in the article below from the Charlotte Daily Sun, January 16, 2022. Please click article to view.

Sun Screen Shot.jpg

Please click image above for a fascinating story on the creation of the Meals on Wheels mural.

A Special Thanks to our Contributing Partners

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