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My team and I strive to add wow to your walls, elevate your ceilings and add a fabulous, artistic flair to your home or business.

We do this by creating luxury hand painted finishes, unique designs and custom artwork.

From sleek and modern, to classic finishes, we strive to create an environment unique to your space with expert color matching and stunning design.

My name is Matt Lemmons and I am the founder and President of Brush by Design, and I am a proud graduate of the Ringling College of Art and Design.

We are located in Sarasota and Manatee Counties in Florida. We serve customers throughout the US and the world. 



Our team was asked to work with an extraordinary space and create an extraordinary ceiling.


Ceiling faux painting
Ceiling faux painting

Mission Accomplished!

Featured Projects


Mica finish faux painting

Please see additional finishes in the "Finishes" gallery in the main menu.

Style your walls and ceilings in creative ways you never thought possible!  Throw out everything you thought you knew about faux painting and explore the exciting multi-dimensions of mica glass.

Numerous color options, shapes and arrangements are available to enhance your palette and style your walls and ceilings.

Ancient art of Venetian plaster faux painting

The ancient, revered art of Venetian Plaster is recreated with exciting new styles and finishes that will bring a classic elegance to any room.

Stunning exterior wall buiding mural for Meals on Wheels

From abstracts to realism, let your wall be your canvas.


We can turn an ordinary wall into a masterpiece. Check out this gallery for awe-inspiring examples of how we've transformed simple walls into complex expressions of art.



01   /   16   /   2023

"Accentuate your Art".

Your art comes to life when it's accentuated by a unique finish, such as a neutral embellished pearl or a patterned relief. Click here to learn the tricks.


04   /   02   /   2022

"Elevate your Ceilings". Create an amazing ceiling that grabs attention and cannot be ignored, with reflective finishes such as silver or gold mica. Click here to explore the possibilities.


11   /   20   /   2022

"Wall Art that's WOW Art!" Your wall is our canvas and the possibilities are endless. Let Brush by Design create a masterpiece on your wall. From abstracts to realistic, we'll change the way you look at your walls.

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Tel: 941-306-9293

6103 Sonesta Ct.

Bradenton, Florida 34202

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